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Enterprise Valuation Planning – preparing for the future…

RegMaven’s business is founded on working with clients on building, effecting and monitoring sound compliance practices based on your business model, risks and resources. Our belief is that this method is uniquely aligned with all functional areas of your business, e.g. sales, marketing, branding, finance, management, HR, operations, etc.

As an entrepreneur you are more than likely looking to improve the efficiencies of your business, but what does that mean? Is there a plan to improve efficiencies? Do you know what needs to be improved? Sales are fairly straight forward – look at the sales number/revenue. How do you measure other functional areas of your business – operations, HR, management, market brand and so on. These areas are more difficult to quantify. In many respects it is similar to the process you follow when you prepare a financial plan for a client. There are qualitative and quantitative data required to completing the plan. And, you need to know the “end game”.

In many cases, you launch your business to create income to provide for your family. We call this phase the “life style” practice. After you have the confidence that your venture will see success you may expand your staff and embark on building some infrastructure. You now have established a “practice”. At this phase you begin looking into the future where you recognize your practice has and can build value where some day you will be rewarded with a capital gain when you merge or sell your business. You also recognize that your business has taken on more structure and you need to spend time in areas where you may not have spent before, especially from a formal planning perspective.

Enterprise Planning is where you take a more holistic approach to analyzing your functional areas. RegMaven has employed a technology very similar to your personal financial technology that breaks down the functional areas of the business and allows you to measure the efficiency, note areas of improvement as well as identify the areas which require the most amount of improvement. Focusing on your company’s Enterprise Value will maximize the monetary value and allow you capture your company’s full value when you decide to “cash in”.

The benefits the business owner derives from the process of Enterprise Valuation Planning:

✓ Transparency of the 18 functional business drivers
✓ Identification regarding areas of strength and areas for improvement
✓ Results driven plan
✓ Higher probability of success – sustained and transferrable business
✓ Higher probability to capture your greatest economic value

Added benefit and extended use: The Enterprise Planning process can also be applied to your business clients where you can secure a stronger relationship and generate more fees.

Note: In a regulated industry, each of the 18 business drivers has a Compliance overlay which will impact the supervision and decisions of each division – RegMaven can assist in structuring a process suited to your business model and resources.

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