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Most small to mid-size businesses operate today without a documented business plan. The Principal(s) have a fairly clear vision of the future and know the company’s mission but lack the planning and internal communications aspect. This is understandable knowing the amount of work that goes into building and maintaining such a plan.

The Principals at RegMaven are business builders and understand the value of planning and are knowledgeable with the operating functions of each division and the role they play in the company as a whole. At Regulatory Maven we are advocates for the success of the business and have true passion for working with clients on maximizing the value of their firm. We work with clients on creating proficient operating divisions where the firm in its entirety and there is a clear communication plan across each group outlining roles and responsibilities with a result in clear accountability. RegMaven’s Principals developed an Enterprise Value Planning process to assess, implement and monitor the business vision of the Principal(s).

RegMaven’s Enterprise Value Planning services is not solely for the client firm but is also designed to be used for the firm’s business owner client base as well.

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