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Trading Practices and Supervisory Procedures

Trade Desk Supervisors and Chief Compliance Officers are required to establish, maintain, implement and monitor the firm’s supervisory procedures for trading, whether proprietary or in customer accounts. In some instances, the trading function of the firm is where revenue is generated and profits are made. Your procedures should address the firm’s Policies and Procedures for proper licensing, anti-intimidation/coordination, soft dollar, best execution, insider trading, order type, short sales, front running, personal trade review and applicable trade reporting procedures to name a few. Recently the SEC and FINRA have identified deficiencies in this area and have aggressively brought actions against the firm and personnel involved.
Whether you’re an RIA Wealth Manager, Hedge Fund or Broker-Dealer, your policies and adherence to the rules around trading must be specific and your procedures to implement, train and test them must be followed.
RegMaven has the depth of industry best practices and regulatory knowledge to work with your team on drafting procedures which will meet the regulations, your firm’s business model and the resources you have to deploy to satisfying the requirements. Contact us at or to learn how we can assist.

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